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Alfa Laboratories seeks to bring the latest medical devices and modern techniques for early and accurate diagnosis of diseases, including diagnosing autoimmune diseases, with the latest device that performs these analyses, a device specially made to perform these specialized analyses, as well as a device for diagnosing many viral, bacterial, and genetic diseases through acid detection technology. Nuclear analysis of the causes of these diseases - known as PCR - including hepatitis, AIDS, and herpes viruses. This technology is very modern and requires an advanced device and highly trained specialists to ensure the quality and accuracy of the results. This necessitated the existence of a plan for training, development, and management to supervise the qualitative quality. In addition to that, Alfa Laboratories has all traditional and unconventional tests, and the laboratory receives patients as well as samples from dispensaries, hospitals, and clinics that wish to conduct these specialized analyzes for their patients.

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It is a blood test that helps evaluate the performance of the thyroid , and diagnose hyperthyroidism  and other disorders

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The fastest and most accurate medical analysis service provider

We have more than 1,800 clinical tests in the following fields: (immunology, hematology, coagulation, clinical chemistry, parasitology, microbiology, infectious diseases, toxicology, cells, surgical diseases, cell flow, molecular biology, and cellular genetics).

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Alfa Medical Laboratories is at the forefront of companies providing laboratory services on a global level by using the latest technologies and the latest findings of medical device companies from the United States of America, Italy, Germany and Japan, and by employing high medical expertise and competencies. Alfa Laboratories is committed to providing the best services to the doctor and patient alike, through more than 1,800 laboratory tests.

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